Dylan Reinhardt


I am a business systems programmer who has worked exclusively in Python since version 2.0.1. I’ve used Python for inventory management, workflow, document management, content management, systems integration and, of course, web publishing. I work as CTO of a consulting firm in the medical device industry. I also teach classes on Python and Django at PCC.

Open Source Bridge 2010

Proposals for this user

* Introduction to SnapLogic

SnapLogic is an open source platform for building system integrations that can be scripted or extended in Python and Java. With SnapLogic, complex integrations are broken down into discrete components that act upon data streams. Using this framework, it is possible to build conduits among homogenous SaaS systems, databases, etc. In this session, we'll introduce the system and walk through the code to create a new integration target: a SaaS system with an XML API.
Cooking 2010-03-17 00:02:19 +0000
Dylan Reinhardt

* Using Django on the Djob

Django is a great framework for building public web sites, but it's also a great platform for building connected business apps. This session will examine use cases where Django presents an opportunity to build powerful, robust systems on a budget.
Cooking 2010-03-16 23:23:23 +0000
Dylan Reinhardt

Open Source Bridge 2009

Sessions for this user

* Django: Thinking Outside The Blog

Django is a powerful web development framework that is incredibly well-documented. Many tutorials exist for doing simple things quickly in Django... but what do you do after that?
Dylan Reinhardt