Zee Spencer



Zee is the founder and principled consultant for Zinc Made, a business-value focused technology consultancy that streamlines business processes with custom software and hardware.

Over the past decade, Zee has built business-enabling software for companies ranging from Fortune 50 to 4 person startups. His background includes everything from interaction design to application development to designing and implementing secure, scalable custom cloud infrastructure.

Proposals for this user

* Roll Your Own Platform as a Service with Docker

What Are a Platform’s Components? * Builders/Packagers that create a deployable artifact * Artifact repositories to hold the deployable artifact * Provisioners that spin-up new services * Hosts that run a deployable artifact * Routers/Load balancers to * Direct traffic from the public to their nearest/most available application servers * Load-balancers/reverse-proxies/service discovery to * Route traffic from an application server to composing services * Slowly ramp-up load as a new version of a service is deployed
Hacks 2015-01-22 19:12:45 +0000
Zee Spencer