Jennie Rose Halperin



Jennie is the current Communications Manager for Creative Commons. She is a veteran of both Mozilla and O’Reilly Media, where she worked on product, community and growth marketing, as well as User Experience Research. From 2006-2013, Jennie worked in a variety of museums and archives, including a feminist Zine Library, a medical library, an Appalachian folk music archive, and an “Animal Anatomy Theater.” In 2014, Jennie served on the SCHOSS (Supporting Cultural Heritage Open Source Solutions) working group and has spoken widely on open technology solutions in the cultural heritage and publishing sectors.

Jennie is based in Boston, where she can be found riding her bike, doing yoga, eating vegan ice cream, and engaging with Boston’s rich cultural environment.

Sessions for this user

* Free Culture, Free Software

I gave a similar talk at LibrePlanet 2015 and would like to reprise it with updated information on the current state of FOSS for Cultural Heritage. I'd like to discuss how to get involved with FOSS projects that are related to the Cultural Heritage space and what kinds of projects currently exist. I'll end the session by talking about what kinds of projects could and should exist as well as community building and awareness in FOSS for Cultural Heritage Organizations.
Jennie Rose Halperin