Priyanka Nag

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I like to describe myself as a developer in her alpha phase. I am an Open Source enthusiast who likes to hangout with geeks, drink loads of coffee and spend more than fifteen hours of her day infront of a black terminal.

I am a Mozilla advocate who has a sword ready, anytime you say anything wrong about any of the Mozilla projects or products. Other than long argruments with people, I also like to spend time, helping new contributors get started with their Open Source contribution.
I also do have a full time job! I work as a Developer Evangelist at an Open Source startup, Scrollback, which is currently based out of Bangalore.

A developer by profession…a content writer by passion. Technical writings, blogging etc are stuff that I do as hobby.

Sessions for this user

* Building and maintaining a healthy community

Open Source organizations and projects are driven by the strength of its community. We have often seen but how big communities fall because of wrong ways of handling it or mismanagements. My talk will be around the lines of how a community leader or manager can take a few extra responsibilities to keep a community healthy.
Priyanka Nag