Finn Ellis

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Finn Ellis



Finn is a student of linguistics and computer science at Portland State University, and the volunteer coordinator of PSU’s Computer Action Team. They’re also agender and wish that someone had told them much earlier that that’s a thing one can be. Consequently, they advocate support and education about nonbinary gender, especially for young people. In their free time, they run PSU’s Magic: the Gathering club and daydream about combining their loves of words and coding into weird text games.

Sessions for this user

* Male/Female/Othered: Implementing Gender-Inclusiveness in User Data Collection

You want to gather information about your users that you can use to improve their experience and yours. They want their identities to be acknowledged and treated with respect. This talk is about meeting both needs: How to ask about gender in ways that welcome the diversity of reality while still being able to analyze the data you get back. We'll discuss the nature of that challenge, how some major websites address it, and example solutions for different scenarios.
Finn Ellis, Jonathan Harker