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Kurt von Finck

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I am an aging male who currently is hurtling toward his fate in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. I am owned by a female of my own species, as well as several cats and birds. I’m a Buddhist, a libertarian, a good cook, a free software missionary, a rusty musician, a former actor, a Unix wonk, a retired amateur athlete, a student of medieval history, an a.s.r monk, an Internet veteran (BITnet too), a good skiier, a world-class sleeper, and I like to travel when cash allows.

I’m terrible on skates and I know no formal dances. My appearance is often dishevelled, but I clean up nicely. I own more than two suits and a tuxedo (black, tails, cummerbund).

I’m passionate about what I believe in but will also be the first to tell you not to take me seriously. I think I’m an alright person, but am worried because I’m so often wrong. I don’t want or need your validation, but yet I don’t want you to dislike me. I don’t eat anything that comes out of the sea, oddly. Maybe tuna. Or fried clams.

I’m currently the Chief Community and Communications Officer for Monty Program Ab. If it’s in the project and you can’t fix it with a text editor, version control, and an Internet connection, see me. If you have questions about what we do and how we do it, let’s talk.

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