Elana Hashman


Hi! I’m Elana. Sometimes I like to hack on systems infrastructure with the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club (we run http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca) and teach women systems administration with the Women in Computer Science Undergraduate Committee, which I founded in 2013. I’m formerly a core maintainer of OpenHatch, dedicated to getting more, diverse people involved in free and open source software.

Sessions for this user

* Bringing OOP Best Practices to the World of Functional Programming

I transitioned from writing software in imperative, object-oriented (OO) programming languages to doing functional programming (FP) full-time, and you can do it, too! In this talk, I'll make a case for FP in the corporate development environment, cover some cases where common FP language features substitute for design patterns and OOP structure, and provide some examples of translating traditional OO design patterns into functional code.
Elana Hashman