Briar Schreiber



Briar is the founder and host of PDX CryptoParty. They spend most days pondering the aesthetics, ethics, and potential for social change in technology. Working with Celly, Briar has helped build communication networks for activists around the world including Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Sandy, and Black Lives Matter activist groups in at least 8 different cities.

Open Source Bridge 2017

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* Federating With The Trouble - Running Decentralized Communities

As moderators and admins of a mastodon/gnu social instance called Toot.Cat we were quickly propelled into navigating the strange new world of decentralized community stewardship.
Briar Schreiber, Lynn Cyrin, Brian Mock

Open Source Bridge 2015

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* Bridging the Digital Divide with SMS Bots

We all know about Twitter and IRC bots, but with about 4/5 of people worldwide without smartphones SMS has the potential to reach those left behind the digital divide. We will discuss the various methods for developing an SMS bot, the legal and ethical implications of doing so, and we will build an SMS bot live.
Briar Schreiber