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Since writing and selling my first application when I was 14, I have worked on everything from space station laboratory control software for NASA’s astronauts to growing a startup that specialized in consulting and productizing business management applications. I’m currently a Sr. Software Consultant at Quick Left, a web application consultancy. My true passion lies in contributing to the success of web and mobile applications in the startup community. I have developed an expertise in scaling an architecture from a simple startup application to a large, complex domain.

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* Successfully Building Complex Domains

Modeling large, complex domains can cause some serious pain. Join me as I’ll walk through a set of easy to implement Domain Driven Design (DDD) pointers. The goal is to make sure your model’s business logic stay under control no matter how complex your domain is or gets. Your application will be able to sustain steady growth and dramatically reduce business rule related defects, all the while, staying easy to grok.
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Mike AbiEzzi