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Katherine Mancuso

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Katherine Mancuso is an experienced accessibility specialist and disability advocate. In 2008, she joined the staff of GimpGirl Community, and subsequently spoke around the country for this dynamic community of women online on designing accessible communities. She was the accessibility specialist at Disney Parks & Resorts, which is now a thought leader within the company in web accessibility. She worked at the Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access and was responsible for putting together a plan for Second Life engagement which won them a $6 million NSF grant. She has worked with the IETF & the W3C to develop accessibility standards. She currently works with the Tech Liminal team to deliver accessible websites to clients.

Proposals for this user

* Accessibility Evangelism for the Non-Specialist

So, you probably know why accessibility is important already (and if you don't we can talk about that a little too!). Maybe your blind friend uses your app, or you're super passionate about W3C standards. But you're having a hard time getting that idea across to the other people working on your project. How do you motivate people to work on accessibility, and change the perception that it's hard and obscure? This talk will draw from the toolboxes of accessibility evangelists and community managers. We'll discuss a range of strategies to help contributors understand the value of accessibility, and help you incentivize contributions in this area.
Culture 2014-04-11 03:04:28 +0000
Katherine Mancuso