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Emma McGrattan

Ingres Corporation


Emma McGrattan is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Ingres Corporation. A leading authority in Open Source and Database Management System (DBMS) technologies, Ms. McGrattan has been instrumental in the ongoing success of the Ingres product line. Born in Ireland, Ms. McGrattan earned a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University. Recognized for having open source development at heart, she is also a member of the board of directors for the Eclipse Foundation. Never at a loss for words, Emma McGrattan discusses open source in her blog, “The View from 25B” at http://blogs.ingres.com/emmamcgrattan

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* Ask Forgiveness not Permission

In this session we will explore many of the ways to innovate without the need for a significant budget by using open source software to try new things under the radar and on a shoestring budget.
Emma McGrattan