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Selena Deckelmann is a consultant and database analyst for Emma.

She’s a major contributor to PostgreSQL. She speaks internationally about free software, developer communities and trolling. Her interests include opening up government data with the City of Portland, urban chickens and finding ways to make databases run faster.

You can find her on twitter at @selenamarie.

She founded and was co-chair of Open Source Bridge for its inaugural years, a developer conference for open source citizens. She helped found the PostgreSQL Conference, a successful series of east coast/west coast conferences in the US for PostgreSQL. She’s helped run other conferences like WhereCampPDX, BarCampPDX and PG Days. She is currently on the organizing committees for PgCon and MySQL Users Conference. She’s a contributing writer for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Manual, and Student Guide.

She founded the site, which is putting a spotlight on the City of Portland’s efforts to transform the Portland tech industry.

Open Source Bridge 2011

Sessions for this user

* How to Ask for Money

Have a project that just needs some cash to get off the ground? Need someone to fund beer and food for an event? Have a great idea and want to get paid for implementing it? Come find out how we did it.
Selena Deckelmann, J Chris Anderson, Teyo Tyree

* Seven Habits Of Highly Obnoxious Trolls

Developing more effective habits isn't just for the good guys. We'll discuss seven methodologies that make trolls more effective---and tell you what you can do about it.
Bart Massey, Selena Deckelmann, Duke Leto

Open Source Bridge 2009

Sessions for this user

* bzr vs git smack down

Selena loves Git and EmmaJane loves Bazaar. And like all good nerds they've spent a fair amount of time talkin' smack about the other's version control system (VCS). Come see what the fuss is all about!
EmmaJane Hogbin, Selena Deckelmann

* Friday Unconference Kickoff & Scheduling

Welcome to the unconference day.
Audrey Eschright, Selena Deckelmann, Chris Messina

* Thursday Keynotes

Featuring Mayor Sam Adams and Ward Cunningham
Audrey Eschright, Selena Deckelmann, Ward Cunningham

* Wednesday Welcome and Keynotes

Featuring Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist, and Kurt von Finck of Monty Program AB.
Audrey Eschright, Selena Deckelmann, Amber Case, Kurt von Finck

Proposals for this user

* Running Successful Online Communities for User Groups

User Groups are a critical part of the Open Source infrastructure, keeping people in-touch and in-person. The online community is an important, and sometimes neglected part of the user group infrastructure. This talk will help you invigorate the online portion of your user group community.
Culture 2009-02-02 20:40:39 +0000
Selena Deckelmann