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Kamal Marhubi is a polyglot programmer who works for Google in Montreal, where he helps keep the internet clean and malware-free. He once wrote a game AI in Haskell, and after five years of being an emacs user, he’s now the organiser of vimtl, the Montreal Vim user group. He is secretly addicted to English change-ringing, and has rung the bells of over twenty churches in England, Canada, and the US.

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* Sharing is caring: friends, manage your resources!

Lots of modern languages help us out with automatic memory management, but for other types of resources, we're left in charge. I'll talk about some of the problems that can come out of poorly managing resources like files and database connections, and show you a few of the tools that language designers have given us to make this easier.
Chemistry 2014-04-05 04:40:05 +0000
Kamal Marhubi