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I write software for, and have been a long-time contributor and advocate for open source. I spoke at Open Source Bridge in 2010 with the OSU Open Source Lab, and would love to attend again on behalf of REI!

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* REI's Expedition into Open Source

The software engineers at REI build, maintain, and operate the cooperative’s digital retail infrastructure, from our mobile apps to, and it runs on open source. We see many benefits to open sourcing our code, but it’s uncharted territory for REI. This is our journey preparing the cooperative to contribute our code back to the open source community. Will we be successful? What have we learned? You’ll find out!
Rob McGuire-Dale

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* A Fast, Scalable Front-End Build System Pattern with Gulp

Gulp is an excellent task runner for building smaller front-end projects, but how does it measure up to larger applications like How do you make it fast? How does it scale? The front-end development team at REI would like to share a pattern for a fast, scalable front-end build system we use on!
Cooking 2014-04-09 04:36:41 +0000
Rob McGuire-Dale