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Lauren Voswinkel



Lauren has been professionally programming since 2006. She started doing front-end work primarily, and transitioned to back end development using primarily Ruby and Rails.
Currently, she works for LivingSocial, and has been throughly enjoying that endeavor. In her spare time, she likes to do fire breathing, fire spinning, and trick shots with a whip.
She’s also been more than a little obsessed about Netrunner, and is working on a JS HTTP client/server to play with her friends who live across the country.

Open Source Bridge 2015

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* A Profile of Performance Profiling With pprof

When our code is slow, performance gains can often difficult to obtain. Our ideas of where to focus our attention are often wrong. pprof has become my go to tool, and it's easy to see why. Together we'll learn how to understand pprof's output to help us zero in on the parts of our code that need the most love.
Lauren Voswinkel

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Advanced Javascript Basics for Web Developers

Javascript is a necessity for modern web development. Whether it is to add more interactivity to your user interface, or provide a client to interact with your API, chances are, even if you're trying to avoid working in javascript, you're working in javascript. Projects like Coffeescript and Opal, while useful, still do not help understand the javascript outputted by these compile-able languages. One growing concern in this realm is that an application's javascript can sometimes be a security concern, easily exploited by a malicious user. In order to catch these concerns, you must know what your javascript does, inside and out. This talk will illustrate concepts to make sure your client code is secure, while still giving your team the flexibility it needs to keep building your stellar app!
Lauren Voswinkel