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Alex “Skud” Bayley is a social justice activist, software developer, and advocate for open technology and culture beyond the “open source” world. Born and raised in Australia, Skud has also lived and worked in the United States and Canada. Previously a Perl developer, these days she mostly works in Ruby. Her projects include Growstuff, Geek Feminism, and many more. She is a speaker of international repute, having presented at scores of conferences worldwide on tech, culture, and the intersection between the two.

Sessions for this user

* Feminist Point of View: Lessons From Running the Geek Feminism Wiki

The Geek Feminism wiki is one of the central resources for feminist activism in geek communities ranging from open source software to science fiction fandom. Learn how the GF wiki started, how it's run, and what we've learned about doing activism the wiki way.
Alex Bayley

* Knitting for programmers

Yeah, you've seen us knitting during talks. I promise we're paying more attention than the people with their laptops open. Well, now learn how we do what we do... the programmer way. I'll start with the topology of individual stitches and go through geometry to design patterns, and by the end of it you'll know how to knit a sweater.
Alex Bayley

Proposals for this user

* Eat your open source software

A whirlwind tour of open source software (and open hardware, open data, and other open stuff) related to growing, distributing, cooking, and eating food. From seedbanks to recipes to food co-ops, there's open source alternatives to almost every part of the food system.
Chemistry 2014-04-04 16:39:18 +0000
Alex Bayley