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Sean McGregor

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Sean McGregor is the President and lead developer for the Privly Foundation and a machine learning Ph.D. student at Oregon State University. Sean lives and works in Corvallis, Oregon. He enjoys hacking web page DOM, skimboarding, surfing, and rock climbing.

Open Source Bridge 2015

Proposals for this user

* Testing the Bottom Turtle: An Extreme Case of Integration Testing for the Web

Every time I push a commits to GitHub, many different systems wake up and start collaborating to test integrations with content servers, browsers, operating systems, and even major social networks. We've learned a lot building this testing infrastructure and I want to show you how you can use the same approach -- using free services -- for your next project.
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Sean McGregor

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Making Your Privacy Software Usable

Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), like onion routing, PGP, and OTR often achieve a high level of security, but user experience (UX) built on top of the protocols is often a development afterthought. Without a concerted effort to examine how the system is used, people accidentally compromise their data or never attempt to use PETs. This talk will show you PET design done right and wrong through the lens of standard UX evaluation techniques. Our goal is to enable you to incorporate UX principles into your hacking from day 0.
Jen Davidson, Sean McGregor