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Life rocks everyday of the week. Add in web development, open source and stir for a good time. Cloudminer. Drupal’r. Mimosa Engineer.

Open Source Bridge 2015

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* Learning Open Source Business Backwards

Things get challenging sometimes. This is an experiment that I'm running, learning about business and open source by taking a sabbatical from all of it. I'll report back on what I learned, what I forgot, and what you might be able to take away from it as well.
Business 2015-03-15 04:52:47 +0000
Amye Scavarda

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Airplanes : Sailboats :: Mobile : Desktop

What if the way that airplanes were designed and how it improved sailing had some deep lessons around the future of user experience? Sailboats improved significantly after the discovery of flight, and mobile design is improving a great deal of user experience as well. How can we think about applying these lessons? What's still missing?
Amye Scavarda