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Lukas Blakk is a tech generalist with a degree in Software Development from Seneca College in Toronto. She’s the founder of the Ascend Project which aims to help marginalized adults gain access to tech skills through a barrier-removing accelerator program in open source contribution. Lukas has big dreams of creating software companies as worker cooperatives and designed from the start with on-the-job learning, diversity, and inclusiveness in their DNA.

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* Removing Barriers: Ascend Project Post Mortem

Last year the Ascend Project was announced, then in the fall the first pilot took place in Portland. This year we'll report back on how it went, hear from participants, and break down what worked and what could be changed for future versions of this type of program. You'll definitely come away with some ideas for your next learning event, code school, or sponsored training.
Lukas Blakk, Kronda Adair