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Kate leads Cadasta’s technology team and strategy. She is recognized internationally as a leader in the domains of open-source geospatial technology and community mapping, and an advocate for open imagery as a public good. Over the past 15 years she’s worked on geospatial problems of all kinds, including tracking malaria outbreaks, mapping private residences for emergency response, and even analyzing imaginary items used in geospatial games. Kate strongly believes in the mantra “people before data” which is core to her current work at Cadasta and her previous leadership of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) as the organization’s Executive Director and co-founder. Previous to her work at Cadasta and HOT, Kate worked on the geospatial sharing portals iMapData and GeoCommons. Kate also serves on the board of the Cadasta Foundation and the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Open Source Bridge 2016

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* Magic, Spontaneity or Planning: Different Approaches to Building an Open Source Foundation

Open Source Foundations start in a variety of ways. Often they begin organically to fill a need after a person or small group aims to "scratch an itch" and then needs an organization behind it. Some of these organizations can appear to happen out of nowhere. Other organizations are birthed from careful planning and intentional formation. There are still others that are a combination of the two. Different methods can create powerful impact, but some of the challenges are different. This talk with compare and contrast the ways foundations are formed and the advantages of different approaches.
Kate Chapman

Open Source Bridge 2015

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* The Graceful Exit: Approaches for Changing One's Role in an Open Community

Open culture communities are passionate, dedicated backed by people. What happens when those people need to change their roles within the community? I've played varied roles in open culture communities through the years. In this talk I'll go over what worked well and what I wish I had approached in a different way when my role needed to change.
Kate Chapman

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Join a HOT Activation: How to Respond to a Disaster with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team as a Digital Volunteer

Join a HOT Activation: Digital Volunteering for Disaster Response
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Kate Chapman