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Niharika is a final year undergrad from New Delhi, India with a passion for open source and programming. Niharika has been an OPW intern and a GSoC intern in 2014. She is currently working as a contract developer for the Wikimedia Foundation and is in love with her job. She has prior speaking experience at college meetups and at Open Source Bridge in 2014.

Open Source Bridge 2015

Proposals for this user

* Crypto 101

Let's make cryptography less cryptic. This talk would give you a peek into the fun world of ciphers and encryption mechanisms with a basic understanding of the hard problems of mathematics behind the magic.
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Niharika Kohli

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Making language selection smarter in Wikipedia

It’s time to make Wikipedia language selection smarter -- to offer a user languages he/she actually wants to see in an article, and in an efficient way. In this talk we shall learn about : 1.The need for a compact language selector 2.How we achieved it in an Outreach Program for Women project. 3.What criteria we use to determine which languages might be most useful to a user, and why 4.How we implemented the feature 5.What concerns we heard from the Wikimedia community about this project 6.How everyone can help pitch in to make this project a success
Niharika Kohli, Sucheta Ghoshal