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Britta Gustafson

18F (General Services Administration)


I’m a content designer for 18F, which is a digital services consulting team within and for the U.S. federal government. My job is a combination of technical writing, content strategy, piecing together bits of interface copy, and other ways of moving words around to improve software and processes. Our work at 18F is open source, so I get to bring my years of experience with open source project communities into government. In my personal time: I’m a member of Double Union (a feminist hacker/makerspace in San Francisco), I edit Wikipedia and LocalWiki, and I teach Wikipedia editing workshops.

Open Source Bridge 2016

Proposals for this user

* Technical writing as public service: working on open source in government

What if U.S. federal agencies decided to reuse and contribute to open source software projects built by other agencies, since agencies often have similar technology problems to solve? And what if they hired technical writers with open source community experience to write documentation for these projects? That would be pretty cool. Also, that’s my work. I'm part of 18F, a digital services consulting team within and for the federal government, and all of our work is open source.
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Britta Gustafson

Open Source Bridge 2014

Sessions for this user

* Civilizing IRC and forums: moderation strategies for mutual respect

As a project's public IRC channel or forum grows, it's hard to keep it friendly. People get frustrated with each other, people have "different" senses of humor, disagreements escalate...oh goodness, it can be a mess. This isn't great for retaining community members or welcoming new ones. I'll share my strategies for dealing with problems, learned at the scale of hundreds of forum threads, tens of thousands of forum visitors, and dozens of IRC chatters every day.
Britta Gustafson