H. Waterhouse


If you had told Heidi that her career would be writing thousand-page research papers, she might not have taken up technical writing. But she did, and now she gets to learn and teach about topics as diverse as pre-OS boot sequences, the amount of spam you aren’t seeing, Medicaid billing codes, and The Cloud. When she is not reading white papers for work, she bike commutes, maintains a family, and writes about the intersection of Agile development methods and handcrafting.

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* Life-Hacking and Personal Time Management for the Rest of Us

Almost all the books and articles out there about taking Agile methods into your personal life seem geared to people who have control over their schedules. What about those of us who have childcare, eldercare, or other incompressible schedule demands?
H. Waterhouse

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* Technically Pretty

Presenting as both technical and professionally-female is a difficult tightrope to walk. Join us for this talk on how to work your own style into something the suits will respect.
Business 2014-03-21 05:44:44 +0000
H. Waterhouse

* The New Sheriff in Town

Congratulations, you got that new green-field job where no one has done what you're going to do.....now what?
Cooking 2014-03-21 05:49:55 +0000
H. Waterhouse