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Russell Pavlicek

Xen Project & Citrix Systems


Russell Pavlicek has been a speaker at over 50 open source conferences. A Linux user since 1995, he was an Open Source columnist for Infoworld and Processor magazines, as well as a former panelist on The Linux Show weekly webcast. He has over 20 years experience delivering software services. He currently employed by Citrix Systems as an evangelist for the Xen Project.

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* Balancing Corporate Need and Community Good: Thoughts from the Xen Project

When you have a project with strong corporate interest, how do you safeguard the Open Source community life and values? How do you keep Open Source from being simply another corporate development methodology when it is, in fact, the key to geek empowerment?
Culture 2014-03-17 15:01:51 +0000
Russell Pavlicek