Jason Kotenko


I work in technical training for Trivera Technologies, mainly working with the Java stack of technologies.

In the past I have worked on image processing for the Idaho National Laboratory, tying together Python, C++, and embedded systems to field an unmanned aerial photography system.

Previously, I worked on operating system internals for the IBM BlueGene/L at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Proposals for this user

* An Introduction to the Python Imaging Library

The PIL comes with a number of tools scripts. One useful one is the pildriver tool, which allows access into many PIL functions via the command line. You can use this driver tool to incorporate PIL functions into shell scripts, or even general purpose programs in other languages. Lets use the pildriver to modify a typical digital camera image using a size, format, and filter effect of our choosing. We have to be careful as the pildriver tool uses a Polish notation style argument list, which means that the argument list is best made sense of by reading from right to left. ... continue with example ...
Cooking 2009-03-30 21:00:33 +0000
Jason Kotenko

* Using Joomla to Create a Full Featured Corporate Website

First, we have to understand the structure of a Joomla Core site. Joomla's content management is broken down into two basic units, the Category and the Section. (show diagram of Joomla Core) The idea here is to take as large of an advantage as we can from Joomla Core, before we move to creating anything custom. The power of Joomla is in our ability to create a website quickly and without a huge software development effort. We're going to take these navigation trees (diagrams) from a failed web development effort and quickly align them into the Joomla structure, to take advantage of what is available in Core. As we'll see, not everything will fit into this structure, and we'll have to define some custom modules which will take care of the rest. ...
Cooking 2009-04-11 03:58:20 +0000
Jason Kotenko