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Software engineer / entrepreneur / strategist / activist, currently Tech DIVA (Technical Diversity, Inclusion, and Values Advisor) at O.School and Architect – Integrative Technologies + Communities at OPTYVA, also consults for and advises companies interested in software engineering and/or diversity. Previous positions include CTO and VP of Engineering roles at startups, Architect and Researcher at Microsoft Research, and leading the oppression-theory based Ad Astra project as GM of Strategy Development at Microsoft. With my activist hat on, I’ve worked with a broad coalition on Stop Real ID Now, as one of the organizers of Get FISA Right and Voter Suppression Wiki, started #p2 (the largest progressive hashtag on Twitter) with Tracy Viselli, was a board member of Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and am currently active in several Indivisible groups.

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Open Source Bridge 2017

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* Grassroots activism is hard. Can open source help?

Grassroots activists have to deal with many challenges - including the tools they’re using. Sounds like a great opportunity for open source! This session will survey progressive and transpartisan grassroots activists’ needs and today’s solutions (including techniques that work for explicitly intersectional groups), look at some existing open-source offerings and how they could evolve to better meet grassroots activists’ needs, and identify future directions that could be even more impactful.
Jon Pincus

Open Source Bridge 2016

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* Supporting diversity with a new approach to software

It’s time for a new approach to software, one that embraces differences (not just tolerates them), and sees diversity as a strength. The industry is primed for change, and there are huge opportunities to do better by valuing emotion, intuition, compassion, purpose, empowerment, sustainability, and social justice. This highly-interactive session includes discussions of current “best practices” and emerging ideas from projects that have focused heavily on diversity, issues and problems in today’s environment, imagining how things could be different, and figuring out concrete steps to make it happen.
Jon Pincus, Tammarrian Rogers

Open Source Bridge 2015

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* Building Diverse Social Networks

While only a handful of social networks like Dreamwidth and Quirell explicitly prioritize diversity, there are plenty of lessons to learn about what to do — and what not to do — from Facebook, Twitter, and others. Best practices include counter-oppressive politics, embedded in the community guidelines and norms; and the right tools, technologies, and policies. This session will look at what does and doesn't work in a variety of online environments.
Jon Pincus, Lynn Cyrin

Open Source Bridge 2014

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* Towards more diversity-friendly social networks

How can we make social networks more "diversity-friendly"? It starts with an anti-oppression attitude, embedded in the community guidelines and norms; and includes the right tools, technologies, and policies. This session will look at what does and doesn't work in a variety of online environments, and will include an annotated collection of resources on the wiki.
Jon Pincus, Deborah Pierce