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I joined ThoughtWorks in the fall of 2009, as Director of Social Impact. I spent nearly 20 years as a silicon valley entrepreneur working in both large organizations and small—as engineer, user-interface designer, product designer, architect, and founder. In 2006, I became CTO of Inveneo, a non-profit focused on IT infrastructure in Africa, and turned my focus to the use of technology for social good.

Away from my professional life I fly paragliders in international competitions as often as work allows. Can you spot the steep drop-off in competition results since I joined ThoughtWorks?

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* Technology for Development—how open source is changing the developing world, and how the movement can do more

FOSS can be a power for positive social impact in the developing world. Hear about key social impact projects and how the open source community can broaden its focus beyond the needs of western developers.
Jeff Wishnie