Ele Munjeli

Ele Munjeli

DemocracyLab, CIRAL, Civitas ARG


Ele Munjeli is a developer for CIRAL, the Civic Intelligence Research and Action Lab at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Her research and code is focused on Online Deliberation, making applications for community decision making. She is a member of ODDI, the Online Dialog and Deliberation Infrastructure workgroup, a collaborative effort to establish standards for online deliberation; also NCDD, the National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation. For the last year she’s been coding on two applications: Eliberate, a chat application which enforces Robert’s Rules of Order; and Civitas ARG, an augmented reality game and transmedia project with a forum optimized for collaborative action. She speaks and publishes regularly about online deliberation, the deliberative feature set for developers, and how to fit an application to an online community and the decisions they need to make.

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* Citizenship Online: Open Source Politics

Online deliberation refers to applications which help communities make decisions. This varies from Exploratory deliberation, like Amazon reviews, where an individual makes a decision by consulting their community, to very structured Decision Making deliberations where a community needs to forge a single legally and logically defensible decision.
Ele Munjeli