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Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf, a man with just too damn many names, is a 60s/70s throw back ever posing the question to Porpsters, “why all the hating on the hippies?” Though he has a Performing Arts BFA degree, he has been tinkering with computers, software and gadgets since 1987. He has done tech support, QA and various forms of software engineering. An early beta version of his name appears in the “thank yous” to the Yes mid-90s album, “Talk,” for assisting in pulling the midi info on their hard drive back from the depths. Whether he should be thanked or damned for doing so depends on how you feel about the band/album. He also has practiced zen meditation since 1996, which is partly responsible for the growth of his name, and in the last two years has become quite the yoga junkie, preferring his prawna deep fried.

He has been a Burning Man Black Rock Ranger and led meditation sessions out there at the “playa zendo.” He also is quite a fan of the music Django Reinhardt (the French Gypsy Jazz Guitar Player, not the web programming language), and gave a talk on Gypsy Jazz, as well as music performance, at Portland’s Ignite 9. Thankfully, no one in that audience seems to have been harmed by this experience. His writing can also be found on the blog, ialsowent.com, and he keeps threatening to do something with 140moviereview.com, the latter based on the twitter account. His musings can also be seen at various comedy Open Mics and Showcases around greater Portland. He also refers to himself as “pleasure activist” and “beer snob.” Oh, and he has fallen deeply in love with Portland as a transplant; for it’s strong coffee, stronger women, tasteful micro-crafted beer, and it’s wild, Open Source Heart.

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