Nelson Elhage

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Nelson Elhage is a systems hacker at Stripe, where he’s building infrastructure to help power the future of payment systems online.

He’s developed and released several open-source tools, including MoSQL, a system for live-replicating MongoDB into PostgreSQL, and livegrep, a tool for super-fast interactive searching of large repositories of source code, and is an on-and-off contributor to numerous other projects.

Proposals for this user

* MoSQL: When SQL meets NoSQL

I will present MoSQL, an open-source tool for mirroring data from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. I will argue for mixed SQL/NoSQL environments, and talk about my experience using MoSQL to expand the availability of easy access to data internally at Stripe.
Hacks 2013-03-17 22:57:48 +0000
Nelson Elhage