Brent Lemons

Brent Lemons



Brent is an Architect with Credera. He has more than 14 years of software architecture and technology consulting experience. He started his career with Southwest Airlines, writing flight tracking and meteorological software. Prior to joining Credera, he was the CTO for a cloud based electronic medical records company. Much of his career has focused on Java based high transaction, computationally intensive application development. He has experience in the transportation, energy, travel and leisure and health care industries.

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* Responsive Facets with Apache Solr

Capturing and converting the interest of your eCommerce customers requires putting the most relevant information before them as quickly as possible. Faceted navigation has become the most recognizable way to gather and organize product features within the eCommerce catalog. Apache Solr provides out of the box features to dig deep into your product set and organize data in a relevant manner.
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Brent Lemons