Dave Himrod

Dave Himrod



Director of Optimization and Analytics

As Director of Optimization and Analytics, Dave Himrod manages a team of analysts, quants, and engineers devoted to crafting world-class algorithms. When Dave joined in 2009, he managed AppNexus’ first account – eBay. While building AppNexus’ original optimization algorithm, Dave was heavily involved in building out the data-pipeline and defining the data model still in use today. He has since grown his team to more than 30 people and focuses his time on building a world-class scalable optimization system. He and his team continue to improve the tools for optimized pricing and budgeting for the over40 billion ad impressions our platform sees per day. Dave has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania.

Proposals for this user

* Python in an evolving enterprise system: Integration solutions with Hadoop

In 2011, we moved our data pipeline to a Hadoop stack in order to enable horizontal scalability for future growth. However, our optimization tools used for data exploration, aggregations, and general data hackery are built in Python. Over the past few months, we evaluated multiple solutions for integrating Python with Hadoop. In our talk, we'll explore the different Python-Hadoop integration options, share our evaluation process and best practices, and invite an interactive dialogue of lessons learned.
Cooking 2013-03-08 22:28:36 +0000
Angelica Pando, Dave Himrod, Steve Kannan