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Greg Price

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Greg Price is a software engineer bringing fast, automated continuous integration to everyone with Solano Labs. Previously he worked at Quora, and helped Ksplice make rebooting obsolete.

Greg once thought a career making theorems instead of code would be fun, but after two years of a few good theorems and much more code snuck into off-hours, he decided to run with it. He loves Python in practice, Haskell in principle, and creating code that communicates its meaning clearly to both computers and people and solves the right problem well.

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* What Is That Process Doing?

We're surrounded by programs we didn't write. Inevitably they eventually do the wrong thing, or they just don't do what we need, and we want to find out what they are doing. Learn how to spy on the processes you run.
Greg Price

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* Getting More out of Git

Git has a complicated UI, but tremendous power once you understand the simple data model at its core. Learn how Git thinks and some versatile, less-well-known features that give you new insight into the code you use and help you better collaborate on code you write.
Cooking 2013-03-10 09:10:53 +0000
Greg Price