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Eric Anderson



Eric Anderson is a software engineer at AppNexus. He has been focused on front-end software development for over 13 years. For the past 7 of those years, he has worked in the on-line advertising industry at Right Media, Yahoo!, Adchemy, and now AppNexus. He lives and plays in Eugene, OR.

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* The Wonders and Terrors of Dynamic iFrame Content: How iFrames Can Make Your Life More Interesting

Imagine separating the development lifecycle around sections of your UI into a set of features and releasing them to clients independently. Your reporting interface and your data management interface may live in the same screen, but their development can proceed independent of one another. This presentation can be achieved by leveraging dynamically generated iframes to deliver sets of UI functionality to users iteratively rather than as a monolithic release. Creating these iFrames and managing their contents in a cross-platform, cross-browser way is full of pitfalls. AppNexus will unveil a new jQuery plugin that makes dynamic iFrame generation and management simpler and easier.
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Eric Anderson