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Frank Karlitschek is a long time open source contributor and former board member of the KDE e.V. He managed engineering teams for over 10 years and worked as head of unit and managing director at different internet companies. In 2010 he started the ownCloud project and is leading the community project since then. In 2011 he founded ownCloud Inc. together with Markus Rex and Holger Dyroff from SUSE to offer commercial services, for enterprises around ownCloud.

Proposals for this user

* crushing data silos with ownCloud

We are heading full speed into a future where a huge piece of the personal information of the world is stored in very few centralized services. This talk will discuss the problems of a future with centralized cloud file sync and share services and will present ownCloud as a possible free software solution.
Culture 2013-03-08 10:26:34 +0000
Frank Karlitschek