James Vasile

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James Vasile

Open Tech Strategies / Open Internet Tools Project / Software Freedom Law Center


James Vasile directs the Open Internet Tools Project, which supports
development of anti-censorship and anti-surveillance tools. He is a
partner at Open Tech Strategies, which advises organizations and
businesses as they navigate the open-source world. He is also a Senior
Fellow at the Software Freedom Law Center, where he acts as a
strategic advisor on a range of free software efforts.

James has helped boot up a number of free software organizations,
including the FreedomBox Foundation, Open Source Matters, and the
Software Freedom Conservancy. His FreedomBox work has been recognized by
an Innovation Award at Contact Summit 2011, as well as an Ashoka
ChangeMaker’s award for Citizen’s Media.

You can learn more about James at http://jamesvasile.com. He tweets
as @jamesvasile and blogs at http://hackervisions.org.

Proposals for this user

* Community Infrastructure in Free Software

To succeed, projects need to do so many things well, and usually they need to do them alone. This is daunting for all projects impossible for new ones. Community infrastructure will let us band together to get more projects to their goals. Here's how.
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James Vasile