Kellie Brownell

Kellie Brownell

Electronic Frontier Foundation


By day, Kellie works to build a strong community of support for EFF’s mission (ie. enhance the rights and freedoms of technology users). By night, she serves as an advisory board member to the Ada Initiative, co-organizes a peer support group called Fundraising Anxiety Busters, and encourages her peers at other nonprofits to adopt CiviCRM for all their database needs.

Sessions for this user

* "Give me money" or "join me in doing this great thing"? A workshop on asking for donations from individuals

If you care about a project or cause, but fear adding individual fundraising to your business plan, come to this long-form workshop. By the end, you will enthusiastically seek out opportunities to ask for money and know how to build a strong community of support over time.
Kellie Brownell

* Just Don't Lick the Cookie: an open discussion about organizational dysfunction

When someone claims a task and then doesn't do anything with it, we call that "licking the cookie." Nobody in their right mind would pick up and eat the licked cookie or finish the project. In this session well talk about common forms of organizational dysfunction, and then facilitate a group discussion about working around, over, under or through organizational dysfunctions you've encountered.
Kellie Brownell, Sumana Harihareswara