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Sebastian Tiedtke

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Born and raised at the foot of the Alps just outside of Munich in Germany, Sebastian spent his youth listening to David Hasselhoff songs. He wore Lederhosen and eagerly anticipated the day he could legally drink his first stein of beer.

When daddy put the first computer on his desk in the mid 90s, Sebastian quickly went on to figure out BASIC, Pascal and C/C++. Rainy afternoons were filled with building websites, countless iterations of Linux kernel makefile tweaks and compiler runs.

Before joining Sauce, Sebastian finished a degree in Software Development (in Munich), he spent almost a decade building customer information systems making transit information more accessible for people living in large metropolitan areas worldwide. His job commitment and passions for technology eventually made him move to San Francisco in 2009.

When Sebastian is not busy improving the Sauce experience he likes to take joyrides on his 1961 vespa. He’s a natural optimist in life and always sees the stein half full.

Sessions for this user

* Let The Internet Work For You

Creating a successful Open Source project isn’t intuitive, or easy. Converting a brilliant idea into a working code base, then publishing it to Github (with significant adoption) is hard enough, nevermind building an ideal development and release workflow. Sometimes, getting your OSS code out to the community is the easy part -- then the real work ensues. Juggling between the roles of; creator, maintainer and contributor while managing the interests of the group effort (IRC, mailing lists etc) and issue trackers can quickly scale from simple and exciting, to a time consuming full time job. I plan to take you on a ride, demonstrating how Open Source developers can leverage free service offerings (for open source) to make your life as a project maintainer easier and more rewarding; from development and QA automation through to continuous deployment.
Sebastian Tiedtke