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Emily is an Engineer / Evangelist with the 10gen MongoDB Ruby driver team and an adjunct faculty at Columbia University. Before joining 10gen, Emily worked as a Ruby on Rails developer at a NYC startup but her history with Rails goes back to a research project at Paris’ Louvre Museum. In addition to enjoying programming and art, Emily likes to travel and run when not teaching Rails in her free time.

Open Source Bridge 2013 Birds of a Feather

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* MongoDB Users (Confirmed)

Informal meetup for MongoDB users. MongoDB is a leading open-source NoSQL database, developed by 10gen. Join two programmers from 10gen to ask questions and share ideas.
BOF 2013-06-15 11:08:10 +0000
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, Emily Stolfo

Open Source Bridge 2013

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* Hacking the academic experience

When I was asked to teach Ruby on Rails at Columbia University I observed that a significant number of the skills required to become a successful professional in the industry are acquired on the job and aren’t being taught in school.
Emily Stolfo

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* Pure object orientation from the backend to frontend with Rails and MongoDB

As the nature of building software evolves to favor agile development, the infrastructure programmers rely on must also change. This presentation will walk through the advantages of a document database using a Rails app backed by MongoDB as an example.
Cooking 2013-02-01 04:57:54 +0000
Emily Stolfo