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Tim Chevalier

AlephCloud Systems


I’ve been programming in Haskell for 14 years. After a 3-year sojourn at Mozilla working on the Rust team, I returned to functional programming as a software engineer at AlephCloud Systems. I studied computer science at Portland State University; the University of California, Berkeley; and Wellesley College. I’ve been contributing to open-source projects for ten years. When I’m not writing code, I like to write about social and political issues, ride my bicycle, and play with my cats.

Open Source Bridge 2014

Proposals for this user

* Having Pure Fun on the Web With Haskell

Practical programming in Haskell: is that an oxymoron? Not at all: in recent years, many programmers have joined together to create a vibrant library ecosystem for the Haskell programming language. In this interactive workshop, you will see the skeleton of a web service implemented in Haskell, then write your own code to implement the missing pieces. Whether you go on to learn more Haskell or just apply new ideas to your work in any language, you'll leave knowing the Haskell is pure fun.
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Tim Chevalier

Open Source Bridge 2013

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* Rust: A Friendly Introduction

Conventional wisdom says that writing high-performance code means working without the safety net of credible compile-time safety checks. Mozilla Research (a community of researchers, engineers, and volunteers) is trying to prove that conventional wisdom wrong by building Rust, a new systems programming language. Rust takes advantage of well-understood programming language technology to combine aggressive compile-time error checking with the high degree of direct control over the machine necessary to write efficient systems programs. By way of examples, I'll teach you how to use Rust to write fast and trustworthy code.
Tim Chevalier