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chris mccraw

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I’m a community builder, joy facilitator, adventurer, and nice guy…who likes stuff!

I’m paid to provide developer support for New Relic.

Open Source Bridge 2015

Proposals for this user

* Building better users

killer app: built. but how do you make it engaging? one way to get there is a rich, intuitive API. enabling people who use your app to remix the data, to use you as a building block in bigger causes means they are more likely to use you again, next time. Make it intuitive and users can self-serve - preserving your time and enabling inter-user idea exchange: let stack overflow work for you!
Culture 2015-03-08 06:04:33 +0000
chris mccraw

Open Source Bridge 2013

Sessions for this user

* debugging without borders

Debuggers are great when you have intimate access to your codebase, server, and network. Sometimes, all you have is a web browser and some intuition, and you still have a problem to solve. What then?
chris mccraw