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Jason Scott

TEXTFILES.COM and Archive Team


Jason Scott is a historian, filmmaker, and public speaker who has spent decades collecting all manner of computer lore, stories, artifacts and knowledge. Through his site TEXTFILES.COM, he has provided gigabytes of BBS-era textfiles and web-era graphics and cd-rom data for over 12 years, and is now working with the Internet Archive (archive.org) as a “free-range archivist” to bring in even more historical data for preservation and online access.

In 2009, he founded the ARCHIVE TEAM, a rogue band of activist archivers downloading at-risk and closing websites of their user data to ensure the work of millions are not lost with the push of a pen on a spreadsheet. A wiki of projects and knowledge is at www.archiveteam.org.

As a documentary filmmaker, he has created two multi-episode series, BBS: The Documentary, and GET LAMP (about Text Adventures). He is currently in production on four more documentaries.

Sessions for this user

* Keynote: Open Source, Open Hostility, Open Doors

Jason Scott, a member of the activist preservation group Archive Team, describes how open source projects and outlook have helped and improved the achieving of the group's goals.
Jason Scott