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Chris used to excel at golf, enjoy math, question authority, refrain from eating red meat and write novels. These days he designs websites, reads non fiction, smokes pork butts, runs without being chased, misses his dad and lives for making his wife and children laugh. He still enjoys math.

Open Source Bridge 2013

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* What the Hell Just Happened? How to kill great ideas and alienate everyone by mismanaging your project.

You had the best idea ever. You even had everyone convinced it was the best idea ever. You had a proven plan for project management strategy. But now your best idea is smoldering on the ground, and everyone is running for the exits. What the hell just happened?
Business 2013-03-20 22:27:58 +0000
Chris Chiacchierini

Open Source Bridge 2012

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* What the Hell Is Wrong with You People? Pushing Change Across an Organization from the Basement Office

You have a great idea, perhaps the best idea ever, but you work with a bunch of know-it-alls, scaredy cats, well poisoners and lazy asses. You need a project management cycle that praises, emboldens, listens and inspires. You need a project management cycle that works.
Chris Chiacchierini, Chris Langford