Randy Appleton

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Randy Appleton

Northern Michigan University


Randy Appleton is a professor of Computer Science in the cold north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He teaches the networking, operating systems, and system administration courses. He’s been working with Linux since kernel version 0.9.

In his spare time he pilots a small airplane and rides a motorcycle.

Sessions for this user

* What Is My Kernel Doing?

Ever wonder what your kernel is doing? We instrumented kernels on both web servers and personal workstations, and then measured to see what they're doing.
Randy Appleton

Proposals for this user

* Better System Administration (Just Add Coding)

System administrators are very busy people. Often a bit of common sense programming can go a long way towards eliminating some of the drudgery and error associated with system administration. Examples included.
Cooking 2012-03-28 03:08:48 +0000
Randy Appleton

* Which Distribution is Fastest?

We benchmarked Ubuntu, Suse and Redhat. We ran many tests of many different features. We know which system is fastest for which purpose.
Chemistry 2012-03-28 03:12:16 +0000
Randy Appleton