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* R-Shief - A launchpad for engagement, policy, and agenda

Our tools have been aggregating an archive of content from the Internet in Arabic and English since 2008. As the revolutions in North Africa and Middle East occurred, R-Shief.s technology was immediately employed to capacity. Today, using swarm intelligence within cloud computing infrastructure, R-Shief Labs provides one of the most comprehensive and publicly accessible repositories on the Arab Revolutions of 2011. Visualizations - http://www.r-shief.org/data-visualizations/ Scraping Facebook - http://www.r-shief.org/cairo/ Twitter Mining - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-twitterminer.php Sentiment Analysis - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-sentiment-analysis.php Building traffic - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-building-traffic.php
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