The Bacomatic 5000: Migrating from Arduino/AVR to ARM Using Libmaple

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from 2:30 – 3:15pm in B301


Using open source hardware and software I will present migration paths from the Arduino to a more powerful architecture without significant cost increase or having to relearn everything.


So you have your arduino based prototype but you need more memory for your wireless module, or you need multiple serial ports for your midi project and you feel like your only choice is to throw down $65 to 80 bucks for the arduino mega?

I will show you that it is possible to purchase or design and recreate your own arm based system for less than the cost of a low end arduino and get more processor, more memory, more i/o without having to relearn everything.

As an example I will present a real world wifi capable datalogger called the baco matic 5000 and the maple bacon that it is based on.

Speaking experience

OpenSource Bridge, 5 years of Community Radio, Dorkbotpdx, and most recently on kboo.


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    Donald Davis

    Suspect Devices,


    My name is Donald Delmar Davis and I am from a town of 500 people in rural Washington.

    My frankness and lack of social skills have led most people to question my character.

    I spent 2 of the last three years working for an Open Source Technology Center at a constant 68 degrees maintaining servers. These servers wer running a version of an open source operating system that was absorbed and then abandoned by a major closed source network operating system, to a community who all but abandoned it. This was required because it was used by an open source build system ostensibly used by a local silicon manufacturer and later abandoned by them after admitting that they could not build cleanly from source using their system to build an open source operating system first heralded and eventually abandoned by a major automotive trade group.

    The remaining time has been spent making art without computers.