Information Radiation and You

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 from 3:45 – 4:30pm in B302/303


Building your company's status board is more than just putting charts on a screen - numbers are just data, whether you write out the digits or plot a squiggly line. Learn to transform your data into information, and let that information instruct you.


Radiation is good for you!

A well-designed information radiator (or “status board”) can help promote the important variables of your job to prominence, making it easy for you to act quickly to respond to emerging situations. Finding the information relevant to your job should never be more than a glance away. If you’ve been investing your time poring over log files or running calculations over Git histories, stop!

Radiation is easy!

Having difficulty following the diferences between “information”, “data”, and “knowledge”? Can’t decide whether certain things should be displayed on your wall? Are you intimidated by phrases like “multi-dimensional data visualization techniques”? Relax! This talk will cover everything you need to know about building real information tools that will be useful to you, every day!

Radiation is fun!

To help you apply these techniques in your home or place of business, we’ll spend some time talking about — and playing with — an open-source framework (Tranquil) for building information radiators. Whether you’re just curious about the status board fad or are already convinced and wondering how to get started, it’s my goal to ensure that you have the knowledge and confidence to build the tool you need.

Speaking experience

I've taken part in lightning talks and led interactive group demos in the past.