The Locker Project, TeleHash, and You

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B204


Get an introduction to what these projects are, how they can help you with your personal data, and what kinds of exciting things are being built atop them.


The open source Locker Project and TeleHash protocol are new efforts to build a platform that focuses on a person first and live at the edge of the network. They combine tools to collect your personal data from everywhere with apps and utilities to let you make more sense of all of it. Then using the new peer mesh networking of TeleHash with your Locker enables all kinds of awesome to exist in directly connecting your devices and data together for you and secure private sharing with others you trust.

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    Jeremie Miller is the co-founder of Singly and The Locker Project, a coupling of brand new initiatives that mark the next phase in his lifelong pursuit to empower human communication through the Internet. He is a revered figure amongst developers, having invented Jabber/XMPP, the open source protocol that powers most of the Instant Messaging applications, impacting nearly one billion people around the world.

    Launched in early 2011, the Locker Project is an open source platform that runs on behalf of individuals to pull in and archive all of personal and digital data from across the myriad of web services and devices that make up our data lives. Tweets, photos, videos, click-stream, check-ins, data from real-world sensors like heart monitors, health records, home power consumption, car data and financial transaction histories, and more. Personal applications like visualization tools, personal archiving, health improvements and more explicit and relevant interactions with advertising and deal delivery can be built on this open platform.

    Jeremie lives in rural Cascade, Iowa, the town he grew up in, with his wife and three sons.