Turning Mediocre Products Into Awesome Products

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B302/03


A holistic approach to design for people through sketching, product blueprints, and team overlap (used by Apple and others).


How many product ideas never make it to market? Some of it is OK, but why does it happen so often? We don’t believe it’s because of bad ideas. We believe that the reason for this is that what people are missing is a holistic approach to design for people, inside and outside the organization.

In this talk we’ll take practical look at the design process and techniques everyone should know, including:

*Sketching to sell and open up the idea.
*Creating a product blueprint with proof points.
*Finding team overlap between Marketing, Design, and Engineering.

This people-centered, holistic approach to design makes Apple and other innovative companies what they are today. It has helped our 150+ clients create more than a billion dollars in market cap.

Speaking experience


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    Jeremy Britton

    Partner at ZURB


    Jeremy Britton is Partner at ZURB, a 13-year old design consultancy with 150 start-ups under its belt. He acts as Design Lead and Strategist with the team. Setting up problems that people care about and then solving them in ways that work for businesses and delight customers are his focus at ZURB. He still loves to draw pictures, which comes in very handy at these tasks.

    A San Francisco Bay Area native, he graduated from the hilltop forest known as UC Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs!) with a degree in Fine Art and an emphasis on digital media and electronics. His background in theatrical set design led him to create some pretty far out art installations during this period and his stint as a graduate teaching assistant gave him his jump into the web industry. “Getting a bunch of students to take their crazy ideas and actually turn them into something with Flash or on the web was extremely cool,” he said.

    Before joining ZURB, Jeremy worked as an independent design consultant, then animator and interactive designer for Walmart.com, and later co-founded his own digital media company NING Empire, though not the Ning that closed $44 million in financing last year.