Building an embedded Linux system monitoring device

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from 3:50 – 4:35pm in Broadway


As a Kernel developer I spend alot of my day looking at syslogs and rebooting systems. So, I set off to automate the process and you, the audience, will get an introduction to building ARM software and network device drivers.


Update: The device isn’t completely working but the talk will cover debugging, setting up a build environment, Beagleboard I/O and basics of Linux network drivers.

I will show how I built an embedded system to monitor machines on a small development network using an ARM based Linux machine with a SPI attached network adapter.

The embedded ARM device is a BeagleBoard that records the syslogs coming from my development systems and communicates with my power distribution unit to reboot them automatically if it detects a system oops. My talk will discuss building software for the ARM architecture, writing a Kernel driver for a simple network device and the automation of the system.

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